The Examiner Recaps Robert Pattinson's Press Junket

British Pop Culture Examiner, Donna Peerce, gives us a recap of Robert Pattinson’s four-day whirlwind press junket to promote ‘Remember Me’. Many thanks to Donna for the link. 🙂

Robert Pattinson February Wrap-Up: We ‘Remember Him’ and miss him already!

We already miss him, but while he was here, it was a fun-filled week of activities. Last week, New York was host to Britain’s Robert Pattinson, as he made the rounds on an extensive press tour for his new film, Remember Me, co-starring Australian lovely, Emile de Ravin (Lost) and one of the best James Bonds we’ve ever had, Pierce Brosnan. Rob left this past weekend to return to London to finish filming the much anticipated, highly sexy Bel Ami movie.

What did we learn while Rob was in the U.S. last week promoting Remember Me?
Here’s a little recap:

Rob visited Matt Lauer on The Today Show, (and signed bunches of autographs for fans outside the studio). Matt Lauer told Rob about “Remember Me Saturday.” The basic plan is to push for this National Fan Event on Saturday, March 13th – due to the fact that Friday and Saturday are the days weekend box office estimates are based on. Sunday still counts, of course, but for reporting purposes, Friday and Saturday are the “golden” days. Seeing as every fan will already be seeing Remember Me on Friday, Saturday became the day chosen to hold this fan campaign and try to make a difference with the box office receipts. The idea is for fans to go back on Saturday March 13th and take their family and friends (or anyone they know!) and go see Remember Me again. Rob hadn’t heard about this and seemed amused.


Last night, Robert Pattinson issued a big thanks for fans’ Remember Me support on the official Twilight Twitter. To @RememberMeFilm, a site dedicated to promoting the film’s release, Pattinson said the following: “Just heard about “Remember Me Saturday” and I cannot believe you guys are doing that for me . . . Thank you all for always being so supportive . . . I’m very proud of the film and I hope you like it as much as I do.”

Next, last week, Rob was good-natured and displayed his sense of humor when he climbed a tree and starred in the hilarious “Bothered” series with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Rob commented that he would be a horrible comedian. He didn’t like watching himself doing the skit with Jimmy.


Following that, he wore a dapper, gorgeous suit and sat by his co-star, Emilie de Ravin, while chatting with the “girls” on The View. (His mother, uncle and two sisters were in the audience.)

Joy Behar told him that he was cute – that he didn’t look like a cartoon character. She told the rest of the girls that Rob has often said he looked like a cartoon character (which is true). Barbara Walters wanted to talk about Rob’s alternative career choices if the acting hadn’t panned out. But, as typical, before Rob could really discuss it, the other girls had interrupted and made some detours in the conversation. They asked Emilie de Ravin a lot about the TV show, “Lost” and wanted to know what we could expect this final season. Emilie didn’t have any answers for them.

Topping his talk show stints, Rob was also the featured guest on Jon Stewart’s hilarious show, The Daily Show on Comedy Central. As Jon said, “Osmotically, I’m cooler just because you’re here.” Rob assured Jon that he was already cool and had a great show. Rob also told Jon that the fans didn’t discover where he was staying this time in New York and confided that he had stayed at “The Mandarin.” (The Mandarin Oriental is the most breathtaking luxury hotel in New York. An award-winning, 5-star hotel high above Columbus Circle, this hotel offers stunning views from every room, overlooking Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. Looks like Rob has come a long way from his dingy little flat over a pizza place in London when he was a starving musician/actor, which, by the way, he says is still his favorite place that he lived!)

Kristen Stewart in “The Runaways”

We learned that Rob has seen early rough cuts of both of Kristen Stewart’s films, “The Runaways” and “Welcome to the Rileys” and that they were really good. He briefly commented that he was glad Kristen Stewart was at the premiere, supporting his film. Rob also talked briefly about the movie, Bel Ami, which he’s filming currently in England. He said that there’s a lot of sex in it. That in the 1890s, people wore all these clothes, but underneath, they just went wild. And, we learned that Rob and his family and friends, including Kristen Stewart and Tom Sturridge attended the after-party at the Plaza Hotel, located across the street from the premiere. What a wonderful way to cap the evening!

In addition, we learned from all of his co-stars in “Remember Me” that he is great to work with, has a wonderful sense of humor and is a great guy.

All in all, Rob seemed more mature and relaxed in his interviews. He’s beginning to handle all the fans’ screaming much better. In fact, he was all smiles and displayed what a true gentleman he is.

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me premiered earlier this week in its setting, New York City, and it will debut nationwide in theaters on March 12th.


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