First Box Office Estimates for "Remember Me"

The first weekend box office estimates are trickling in, and it appears the Alice in Wonderland bonanza will continue.
Projections place last week’s champ atop the chart again with roughly $60 million in its second week of release, which would push it past the $200 million mark overall.






Remember Me ($9.5 million) is estimated to finish a close fourth behind fellow debuts Green Zone ($15 million) and She’s Out of My League ($10 million).

It will likely battle with the latter for third place until late Sunday.

Friday’s numbers:

$17.4 M – Alice

$5 M – Green Zone

$3.6 M – Remember Me

$3.3 M – She’s Out of My League

Looks like our man Mr. Pattinson CAN have a successful opening weekend in a movie that doesn’t involve Edward Cullen.

Just a reminder….Support Rob!  Go see this movie!  I can’t tell you how poignant his performance is.  It left me speechless.  Then awe set in.  And then my Robsession swung into hyper mode!  I predict that one day Mr. Pattinson will be accepting an Oscar!


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