Wonderful ‘Remember Me’ reviews from Amazon.com


I came across a number of amazing reviews of ‘Remember Me’ on the Amazon.com page for the DVD pre-order and, quite frankly, I was blown away. I felt compelled to share some excerpts because these individuals truly ‘got it’, unlike many of the naysayer critics.

“You go thru the whole range of emotions during this film…and the ending will surprise you and stay with you long after you leave the theater. Love passionately and live loudly every moment of your life. ” ~ Angel

“I pretty much knew the ending before I saw the movie and in a strange way it made the watching even more meaningful since the ending isn’t as important as how the film gets there and what it says along the way.

I was pleasantly surprised that even tho RP was in nearly every scene I didn’t feel this was a vehicle for him but rather a character and relationship study. I expected him to be much more brooding and dark based on what I’d read. I’d like to see him stretch and tackle a variety of roles; I was pleasantly surprised at his performance here. Somehow his leading man persona blended into the ensemble more than I expected and gave coherence to the movie. The relationship between Tyler (RP) and his younger sister was particularly touching. I give RP a lot of credit being able to step into his character and let the assorted relationships surrounding him shine.

This movie will resonate with anyone who’s lost someone unexpectedly and how we each find ways to go on and live our lives. I found it a study of real people in “real” situations. The plot was somewhat predictable. How the unfolding was handled kept me interested.

I mostly was haunted by the actual ending and how it tied to the beginning. How healing can come even from great sadness when life is lived with love.” ~~ Nikki

“Brilliantly acted and grossly misunderstood, ‘Remember Me’ is neither a romance nor romantic drama,but rather a drama of life, love, and loss; a drama of families touched by grief and struggling with, sometimes strangled by, coping and hoping. ‘Heartwarming and heartbreaking’ as the main actor, Robert Pattinson, describes the film, there is love, anger, rejection, humour, and so many other conflicting and confusing emotions in the life and lives of a family, of an individual. Get to know the main characters through this intense slice of life, and feel the impact of loss to comprehend what was stolen, thousands of times over.” ~Nechamah G

“What does this film do? -Something no other film has done in a very long time: it resonates. It sneaks into a lot of people hours later because it takes a long time to process, and then it is a tidal wave. So many people have been affected this way. They say things like: ‘I can’t stop thinking about it’; ‘I want to see it again’; ‘I want my sister [fill in the blank] to see it too’. People are blogging up a storm and the comments in spoiler threads are amazing. The film has tapped into a well of thought and feeling so deep its force is stunning. Viewers care, and that’s something most movies can’t elicit these days. People are telling stories of their lives, their loves, losses and pains, as a result of watching Remember Me. They aren’t just discussing the ending. It is of a piece and the power of the film comes from its main theme of love, loss, grief, and healing and everyone can relate to that.

Who, then, is it for? I disagree with June M. This is NOT a chick flick. That’s one of the misconceptions. A 16 yr. old boy commented that if was the best film he’s ever seen. Grown men are as touched and affected by it as are women. People 14-94 are moved by it. That’s a huge demographic which has been riveted.

What does Robert do? The movie and its ending work because the audience comes to love Tyler, the central character, as a lover, son, brother, friend. Robert Pattinson plays Tyler with subtlety and range–if James Dean must be referenced, he comes off as less than Pattinson. He is the linchpin, the glue, and without a great performance the centre would not hold. The ending is so huge precisely because by that time viewers are emotionally invested in Tyler, because Robert’s nuanced performance rings true, every emotion reflected in his remarkable face. We know Robert’s portrayal worked because it breaks our hearts as if it were our own son or lover, when we know what is coming.

Who gets it, who doesn’t? As others here have stated, the film has been badly marketed and misrepresented. Many negative criticisms come from critics who want to saddle you with their own biases and resentments. Ignorant and arrogant reviewers have eyes but refuse to see, ears but refuse to hear. If I were kind I’d say they don’t get it. But critics have maligned the lead actor and the screenwriter with no good reason. It’s nauseating. They no longer know how to experience with open minds and open hearts. My advice: don’t read any reviews until after you see the film. And see it at the theatres if it’s still there! You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.

Question?: What other film in the recent past has compelled viewers to make their voices heard, like I’m doing here, has had the effect I’ve described? What other film? Name it.
The outpouring of soul-baring stories from viewers is itself very moving. It shows what this little $16M production with the mega-heart has done. People are going inside themselves and finding meaningful places, because this movie had guided them there. People call up significant losses in their lives and place them in the glowing light of loving remembrance. For Remember Me to call that up and to remind us, to lead us to our deepest humanity, is a potent thing. Tyler is the touchstone which ignites similar feelings which come, in each individual, from their specific emotional place. What a gift! This film is a tour de force. From the acting, directing, screenplay, musical score, concept, it quietly takes your breath away.” ~Danielle



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