Friday Shout-Out to the Brit Pack

Time for my Friday shout-out to the Britpack!

Tom Sturridge


Tom Sturridge and Rachel Bilson

Tom is the Man of the Hour. His new film, ‘Waiting For Forever’, was screened at the Gen Art Film Festival in NY last night to a sold-out audience. Larry Richman, a freelance journalist who covers the film industry and keeps all of us Twittering peeps in the know, attended the screening last night. Here are some of his tweets on the film:

“tom sturridge is destined for recognition, a depp/scissorhands dicaprio/gilbert grape man-child w tear-inducing innocence & vulnerability”

“this film is so deserving, dark at times but so emotionally powerful”

“bilson and sturridge turn in performances that are both joyful & heartwrenching #genart rarely see acting on this level from that age group”

“waiting for forever is so original, touching. films need to move me to be memorable. was hard to hold back the tears”

“waiting for forever is an indie lover’s dream, heartfelt, unique, fires on all cylinders. “

You can check out Larry’s full report and photos of the event here.

Bobby Long

Bobby has added a new date to his U.S. Tour. He will be playing live at the Mile High Festival in Colorado on the 14th August 2010 alongside Dave Mathews Band, Jack Johnson, Steve Miller Band, Derek Trucks and Tedeschi Band, Weezer, Keen and Cypress Hill.

Donna Peerce, British Pop Culture Examiner, has written several wonderful articles about the Brit Pack and is now writing more Bobby intensive articles under new title: Bobby Long Examiner. You can read her latest piece, ‘A little background ditty about Bobby Long, British singer/songwriter, performer extraordinaire’ in its entirety here.

No new tidbits on Mr. Sam or Mr. Marcus front at the moment. They are both currently working on new music and we hope to hear some updates soon. With that, how’s about a Sam and Marcus duet for my random video pick. 🙂 Here they are performing Marcus’ song “I Was Broken” at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas in 2009…


One response to “Friday Shout-Out to the Brit Pack

  1. *sigh* the mini crush on sam just keeps growing

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