Robert Pattinson explains why he chose ‘Bel Ami’ role


Robert Pattinson talks about why he chose ‘Bel Ami’ role

Robert Pattinson is currently shooting ‘Bel Ami,’ his new movie in Budapest, Hungary. He stars as Georges Duroy, a man who climbs to the top of the social scene in Paris by manipulating and seducing different women.

In an interview with Nepszava Online Robert Pattinson was asked about why he chose the role in ‘Bel Ami’:

And why did you choose the role in ‘Bel Ami’? It’s a fact that you worked in classical theatre in London but we can only remember you from the Harry Potter movies and the Edward of the Twilight Saga, which is light years away from Maupassant’s Bel Ami.

“My agent sent me the script a year ago, and I read it not knowing the novel, and to be honest I didn’t really know Maupassant either. I liked it instantly, because the script has something special emotionally, that is really common nowadays. The world is full with men like Georges, the tailcoat and the top hat are just formalities. Everyone is envy and jealous, nothing is enough for them, even if they reach their goals. Also, if I change from the three Twilight movies, then this is the biggest jump, playing a guy who is rotten to the core, selfish and raw, who is lead by his own feelings and steps over everyone without thinking. I really felt the character, I saw him in my mind. And I liked that you can’t really see these epic, costume movies anymore, so I grabbed the opportunity.”

I think Robert Pattinson made the right choice. The novel is excellent and if the script follows the novel than the movie should be brilliant. He is also moving away from typecast roles by diversifying the characters that he plays. Many people are already anxiously awaiting the premiere of ‘Bel Ami’ and it is still shooting!



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