Rob Attends Camden Fundraising Event

It has been reported that Rob attended a charity fundraiser last night:

Robert Pattinson turned up in Camden last night to show his support for a fundraising event held for the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The event was held at Proud Camden, a unique live music venue. R-Pattz was seen dancing and cheering on the bands and paid special attention to the burlesque girls, who put on a provocative performance in honour of their special guest.

Sadly for the female guests R-Pattz night came to an abrupt end when a guest DJ announced to the crowd that the Twilight star was there prompting R-Pattz to make a quick exit.



One response to “Rob Attends Camden Fundraising Event

  1. OMR…dancing??? I can only conger up the image of him as Dali doing that hilariously perfect strut. LOL Hmm..was he dancing solo or what…the fact that no one seemed to notice he was present until it was announced publicly makes me wonder..


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