Track of the Day: EP Version of Marcus Foster’s ‘Shadows of the City’


Here is an EP version of Marcus Foster’s ‘Shadows of the City’. Sounds awesome! Click the link below to listen.

Marcus Foster // Shadows of the City by Stayloose

Fresh from yesterday’s free download of a Matthew and the Atlas track, Communion have offered up the third installment of their picks this week – an exclusive preview stream of Shadows of the City by Marcus Foster. Here’s what the gang at Communion HQ had to say about it:

“We first came across Marcus last year and instantly fell in love with his unique and sometimes eccentric vocal style and when we booked him for Communion in London he totally blew us away live – the energy he gives out on stage is amazing.

After initially getting him in the studio for a track on the Communion Compilation we decided to make an EP from which this song is taken. It’s got such a raw dirty energy to it and is about as brand new as it’s possible to be, as we finished mixing it yesterday! The song features a ghost choir consisting of Kev Jones, drummer Chris Maas, Marcus and Matt Hegarty from Matthew and the Atlas from yesterday’s track.”

Source via @marcusfoster1 and @QMagazine


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