Por Ti magazine (Mexico) interview with Rob, Kristin, Taylor



via Twilight Poison: Por Ti magazine (Mexico) has an interview with the cast. Here’s the complete translation and scans. As usual, please link back if you re-post the translation and scans 🙂 . Some answers seem familiar, so I’m just going to translate a little portion of the interview. The rest we’ve read before.

We are dying to see Eclipse. Tell us, what was filming the movie like?

Kristen: We had a lot of time to prepare for it. Luckily, the budget is bigger as well. It’s amazing seeing the final product on the screen.
Rob: The fans are really going to enjoy this one.
Taylor: It’s a lot more intense. We loved what we’ve seen of it.

What do you guys like the most about your characters?

Kristen: I like everything about Bella. I’m a big fan of hers. In every movie I try to add a little bit of myself to her and that’s because I relate to her a lot. She’s so weird! She thinks a lot about what she’sgoing to say or do, like me.
Edward: I like that Edward is so agressive but humble as well. He’s like this humble gentleman, but there’s this really aggresive and dangerous part of him too.
Taylor: Jacob is a lot of fun. He likes to laugh and have fun. It’s fun playing him.

What are you dying to see onscreen?
Robert: Bella! Can’t wait to see when she cheats on me. It’s a great scene, you’ll see.
Kristen: I can’t wait to see the love triangle. We had seen a very innocent contact between Bella and Jacob in New Moon, but in Eclipse it’s more real. I’ve always supported Bella’s devotion to Edward, but I think it’s going to be interesting to see her betraying him.

What was the hardest scene for you guys to film?
Rob: Itwas hard for me to propose so formally to Bella. The first timeI read the script, I was terrified. I thought it was impossible.
Kristen and Taylor (at the same time): A Jacob and Bella scene (laughs).

Really? What happened in that scene?
Taylor: Jacob, in his wolf shape, is being pet by Bella and she scratches his ear.
Kristen: Yeah, it’s a scene where I’m talking to the wolf, but he’s not there, so I had to pretend he was there. I didn’t know what to do without his support, so Taylor offered to be a stand in.

Thanks to Twilight you’ve been able to travel all around the world. Which were your favorite places?
Taylor: Australia. We just went there and it was amazing. There’s so much to do there.
Rob: I’m less exotic. I’ll keep Chicago.
Kristen: New York is one of my favorite cities, but I really liked Mexico city. I hope I go there again sometime.

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