ELLE France: Robert Pattinson & James Dean: Two Idols, Two Edens


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One, James, is the emblem of the 50s teen, who has 24 years and who looks ten years older in his man’s suit. It was in 1955: in five months, he died. We know everything about this picture, the friendship which united the photographer (Dennis Stock), location (New York), fatigue of James that day. James might be immortalized by his friend, which is captured, it is a total solitude that foreshadowed almost eternity. Nothing is known then the life of the actor. His homosexuality is carefully hidden. And James Dean, who would speak, was forbidden to discuss it. It would end his career. And perhaps his legend.

The other, Robert, is so famous he could not in any walk incognito in Times Square. It finished this time. Here, tracked by paparazzi, also has 24 years and almost the same face as James Dean. He too must be discreet about his sexual life, even if only to conceal the fact that he has a girlfriend, not to discourage her fans. He is also the idol of ill-being of teen-agers. But he, despite the isolation that gives it its amazing reputation, linked to other works, his mobile phone to the ear. Instead of giving the impression of stepping into the legend, it gives that little to cling to what remains real.

Between these two pictures, a certain pathos left celebs. But also a certain lyricism that made them incomparable…

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