Clarification Regarding a ‘Bel Ami’ U.S./U.K. Release Date


There was quite a bit of confusion about a possible ‘Bel Ami’ release date following an article about the film in Total Film magazine that surfaced yesterday.

Fan site, Bel Ami Film, subsequently contacted Protagonist Films for clarification regarding a U.S. release date and here is the reply they received:

There’s no distributor attached to the film in the US as yet so therefore no release date. No confirmation on the UK yet either I’m afraid – we’ll post this info on our website as soon as there is a definite date. I think the ETA on Total Film is purely speculative at this stage.

We will be sure to update more definitive info on distributors and release dates once it becomes available. In the meantime, gaze at this for a bit. It’s a manip by the talented RobButtonsBabe at RobNipulations but we’re hoping this is a semblance of Rob’s Georges Duroy on the big screen.



One response to “Clarification Regarding a ‘Bel Ami’ U.S./U.K. Release Date

  1. I have heard sth about July maybe

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