MTV Hollywood Crush Poll: Which ‘Twilight’ Star’s Other Movie Are You Most Excited For?

Inquiring minds (at MTV) want to know: Which ‘Twilight’ stars’ other movie are you most excited for? Rob’s upcoming film, Water for Elephants, is among the choices. You know what to do. 😉

Cast Your Vote

Kristen Stewart in “On The Road”
Robert Pattinson in “Water for Elephants”
Ashley Greene in “Apparition”
Kellan Lutz in “Immortals”
Jackson Rathbone in “Girlfriend”
Jamie Campbell Bower in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1″
Edi Gathegi in “X-Men: First Class”
Cam Gigandet in “Priest”
Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard in “Live With It”
Jodelle Ferland in “The Tall Man”


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