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People’s Choice Awards: Rob is a ‘Top Five’ Nominee


The official nominees have been announced for the 2011 People’s Choice Awards and Rob and ‘Eclipse’ made the cut. Make sure to cast your votes via the link below. You can vote as often as you like. The winners will be announced on January 5, 2011 on CBS.

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Rob Fan Art: iPhone Wallpapers

Forget about all the cool applications you can download…here is the best reason to get an iPhone.

Artwork by DreamySim

New Fan Photo of Rob

A new photo of Rob with a fan as he arrived in Rio, Brazil for ‘Breaking Dawn’ filming…


Rob Fan Art

Artwork by the talented Jules at Creations by Jules

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And in keeping with the wallpaper theme… Clickety Click

Glamour Magazine’s ’50 Best Dressed’ Poll: Vote For Rob

Another chance to vote for Rob…

The GLAMOUR Best Dressed List is back and we need you to help us compile it. Is Cheryl still worth it? And what about your best dressed man and best dressed newcomer?

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Just in case you need some inspiration. . .






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Music Video Tribute to Rob

A cool video tribute to Rob from Maria, Michelle, and Vertigo at affiliate Robert Pattinson Australia in celebration of their site’s 2nd birthday. Enjoy.

Rob Featured in People Magazine’s ‘Secret Celebrity Musicians’ Slideshow


Robert Pattinson does more than just act as a brooding vampire for the Twilight series. The heartthrob, who plays both piano and guitar, also contributed music to the Twilight soundtrack, “Let Me Sign” and “Never Think.” “I cried the first time I heard the two songs,” director Catherine Hardwicke told MTV. “They’re deep; they’re very soulful.

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Robert Pattinson Fan Art

Artwork by Jules @ Creations by Jules

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Artwork by DreamySim @ In My Dreams

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ImageBam image upload ImageBam image upload

Rob Featured On People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive at Every Age’ List


The question is: What’s not sexy about the Twilight star? Case in point: Pattinson, with his signature messy hair and intense stare, ignites mass hysteria wherever he goes. “I don’t know how the Beatles felt, but very few human beings could ever get this feeling,” he told PEOPLE. “You can’t prepare for this.”

And just as important:

Check back on Nov. 17 to see who is PEOPLE’s Sexest Man Alive – and get a sneak peek of who else made this year’s list!

People via Spunk Ransom

Happy Halloween. . .

Artwork by Jules at Creations by Jules