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Video: Edward Cullen’s Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Twilight Parody)

Too funny. This guy did a great job.

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Video: ‘Remember Me’ DVD Promo (Spain)

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Brit Pack News: Official Promo for Bobby Long’s Upcoming Debut Album

Official promo video for Bobby Long’s upcoming debut album, ‘A Winter’s Tale’, due out February 1.

Screencaps From ‘Headmaster’s Holiday’ Video

Screencaps from Rob’s cameo appearance in Peter Berg’s ‘Headmaster’s Holiday’ video…


Video: Rob Pattinson Gives a Baton Rouge School a Day Off

Rob and director Peter Berg announce the Headmaster’s Holiday…

Mr. Cobb. A vampire?….Well that explains why he doesn’t age. And if Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson of the Twilight series) says so, it must be true. Mike, a three-sport varsity captain, and Neve, who does it all—they can’t be human. So Pattinson and Peter Berg ’80 decide it’s time to shut Taft down.

No one thought Headmaster Willy MacMullen could top last year’s Headmaster Holiday announcement. But director/producer Peter Berg came through yet again, filming a video message with Pattinson in a Baton Rouge cemetery.

Berg recapped his theme of unfairness from last year (headholiday09), reminding students that he didn’t have what they have at Taft now. “You guys are continuing to dominate, “ he says to the camera, “and I’m going to deal with it.”

The tradition of a Headmaster Holiday goes back more than a century, to the election of William Howard Taft, whose son was then a student. Knowing Taft’s son would want to attend the inauguration, Horace Taft declared the first Headmaster Holiday–allowing both Horace and his nephew to attend the ceremony.

“I love this tradition,” said MacMullen. “Every student and teacher needed a break from our labors, but the seniors needed it the most, and it is a really great class. Needless to say, when the film was shown, it was deafening! Peter Berg has directed another blockbuster hit! I thought we were going to have to call in the medics–several of the girls looked as if they were about to have a heart attack!”

Of course the stakes have been raised now. “To top this year’s video, I have a few requirements for the announcement of the headmaster’s holiday for my senior year,” middler Cassie Willson emailed the headmaster shortly after. “I’m going to need Paul McCartney in person in Bingham, and he will announce the day off and then pull me on stage to perform an impromptu concert for the school. You can make that happen, right?”

The Volunteer Council took advantage of the opportunity to remind students of the Red Cross blood drive today, with the posting “Edward Cullen wants your blood!”

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‘Little Ashes’: Behind the Scenes

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Video: Behind-The-Scenes of ‘Eclipse’

Two behind-the-scenes clips of ‘Eclipse’ that briefly feature Rob…



Original video footage via which prompts you to enter a code from ‘Eclipse’ gum.

Old/New Video: Bobbie Wygant Interviews Robert Pattinson During ‘Twilight’ Promotion

Don’t recall seeing this interview before. Rob talks with Bobbie Wygant about Edward Cullen and Twilight. And may I just add that he looks mighty fine. 😉

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Looking Back: Rob’s Interview with

Reminiscing about our favorite Rob interviews. In this video, he talks ‘Twilight’ with…

Video: Robert Pattinson as Richard in ‘The Summer House’

The three best minutes of Rob’s VERY short film, The Summer House. Thanks to the lovely gals at our affiliate Robert Pattinson Australia for the video.

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